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First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World. NPR had a fun piece today about how the United States is now a spicier nation. U.S. Is A Spicier Nation (Literally) Since 1970s I am glad to see that seasoning other than salt is making its way into the US kitchen. (Much healthier.) And I am […]

There has been a lot of coverage in the Caribbean about the arrest of alleged drug lord José Figueroa Agosto in Puerto Rico and his girlfriend Sobeida Felix Morel. Figuero is wanted on more money laundering, drug and murder charges than can be enumerated here. (Suffice it to say his operations are said to have […]

Nice piece in the Washington Post by Amy Gardner about entering the world of multimedia journalism. (My baptism into the brave new world of modern journalism) She learned what broadcasters have known all along: You don’t have to film/tape everything. Or if you try, make sure you have either extra batteries or the ability to […]

Maybe we could get a few student journalists and j-profs to submit material to this project to see if we can get what we do and why included. Life In A Day: July 24

First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World. Interesting story in the Times magazine this weekend: Digital Diplomacy. It got me thinking that just 10-15 years ago the State Department was at the absolute bottom of rankings in use of technology. The main State HQ in Washington and the embassies around the world still depended […]