“How I got the picture” stories are global — DR example

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There has been a lot of coverage in the Caribbean about the arrest of alleged drug lord José Figueroa Agosto in Puerto Rico and his girlfriend Sobeida Felix Morel.

Figuero is wanted on more money laundering, drug and murder charges than can be enumerated here. (Suffice it to say his operations are said to have made the Colombians look like amateurs.)

Felix was wanted in the Dominican Republic on more charges than she was in the United States so when she was caught in Puerto Rico, the DR government asked for her to be extradited to the Dominican Republic for trial.

The U.S. government agreed.

On July 21 she arrived in Santo Domingo. The arrival was recorded by a lone newspaper reporter. And the picture was dramatic.

The photographer, Tomas Ventura, described for the readers of Diario Libre how he was in the right place at the right time and how he got the picture.

Taking Sobeida’s picture was not easy

The “how I got it” story is one that journalists in free societies around the world can relate to. We have all had our great moments.

And we all love to talk about them.

For now, let’s celebrate with Ventura his tenacity and skills.

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