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The Census Bureau has a new blog service called Random Samplings. The purpose of the blog, says the Bureau, is to make the data more accessible to everyone. I have long argued that the Census Bureau is a gold mine of free data that can help make most stories really shine. Using the data is […]

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Yep, today (9/24) is indeed National Punctuation Day. And as all good journalists know, where we place a comma or apostrophe is important. Yet, sometimes we get it wrong. Good thing many of us work with good editors who catch those mistakes that would make us look bad. Such as the headlines to the right from […]


Seems Macy’s is once again showing that companies can help people affected by disaster and make a profit. And it provides an opportunity for LOCAL reporters to do a story with a GLOBAL hook. The Globe and Mail of Toronto had a story yesterday about how Macy’s will be selling the work of Haitian artists. […]