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First posted at the web site of the Washington, DC Society of Professional Journalists. This may not be an issue that directly affects international coverage but the impact of this so-called debate reaches beyond the borders of the US of A. It is worthwhile looking at the logic behind the reasoning for the AP decision. […]

Once again one of my favorite resources has piles and piles of data about an upcoming event. The Census Bureau recently released data related to back to school events with plenty of links to datasets and tables to back up the commentary. Part of the importance of this data is that reporters can go to […]

First posted on the DC SPJ site and the SPJ International Journalism Committee site. Last Friday CBS News did a story about how Americans are craving different spices. NPR did the same story two weeks earlier. At the time of the NPR piece I did a blog entry here (Getting a local story from international […]

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I (almost) jumped for joy when I say this panel in my morning e-mail: