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First posted at DC SPJ. Storify is a great resource to assemble social media postings into a coherent story. Andy Carvin of NPR has been in the forefront of working social media to tell the story of the Arab uprisings. His latest example is a Storify posting that quickly debunked an assertion that Israeli arms […]

First posted at, the website of the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. The Hong Kong University Journalism and Media Center sponsored a talk by Rutgers University media researcher, Nick Diakopoulos late last month. The topic: Innovation and Computing in Journalism. “As information comes at us faster and faster, we have more […]

Voice of America has a great blog entry about the trials and tribulations of international students in the United States trying to figure out that whole love and dating thing. Love and Dating for International Students It’s clearly too late for Valentine’s Day, but who says this kind of story can only be written at […]

Editor-in-chief of Reuters News David Schlesinger told a Hong Kong audience Oct 15 that journalism today is less about delivering straight facts than providing actionable information. “That’s why this is the age of the publisher,” he said. “Journalists who understand this will survive. Those who don’t will be irrelevant.” Schlesinger was speaking as part of […]

Nice piece in the Washington Post by Amy Gardner about entering the world of multimedia journalism. (My baptism into the brave new world of modern journalism) She learned what broadcasters have known all along: You don’t have to film/tape everything. Or if you try, make sure you have either extra batteries or the ability to […]