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Got just a short posting about a friend’s review of the world’s highest bar. (FYI, it’s in Hong Kong.) The issue of who pays for the food and drink at a restaurant to be reviewed for most Americans is a no-brainer. But that is not necessarily so in the rest of the world. And my […]

In today’s Folha de S. Paulo there is a story about how Brazil sold Libya the anti-riot trucks and tanks being used against the demonstrators. And that is a good example of reporting about an international event and showing the local connection. It informs the Brazilian people about what deals its government has concluded. Unfortunately, […]

First posted at the web site of the Washington, DC Society of Professional Journalists. This may not be an issue that directly affects international coverage but the impact of this so-called debate reaches beyond the borders of the US of A. It is worthwhile looking at the logic behind the reasoning for the AP decision. […]

First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World and the SPJ International Committee blog. I have to admit, from the time I heard CNN had fired Octavia Nasr for her Tweet on the death of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah I was upset she wrote what she did and at the same time […]


Want a good discussion of journalism ethics? Start with the questions raised by Michigan State Senator Bruce Patterson: “What’s the definition of a reporter? I haven’t been able to find out? What’s a reporter? What’s a journalist?” Patterson said. “I thought you had to have a degree in journalism but apparently not. I could retire […]