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There is lots of information journalists can get from the Census Bureau. I just posted some data on the DC SPJ site about African-Americans that the Bureau compiled. It is well worth a look. There are some interesting numbers that could easily lead to several good feature stories. Black History Month: By the Numbers

From my favorite government agency… Facts and figures for all sorts of great stories. World Statistics Day: Oct. 20 The United Nations General Assembly designated Oct. 20, 2010, as the first-ever World Statistics Day to highlight the role of official statistics and the many achievements of national statistical systems. Statistical organizations throughout the world […]

Update: I made an error in using the term “of Brazilian descent” when discussing the Census Bureau data. The number cited below are those born in Brazil. To be clear, the Census Bureau does not ask a persons residency status. First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World Part 1 Here’s to Boston.Com for understanding […]

The Census Bureau has a new blog service called Random Samplings. The purpose of the blog, says the Bureau, is to make the data more accessible to everyone. I have long argued that the Census Bureau is a gold mine of free data that can help make most stories really shine. Using the data is […]

Once again one of my favorite resources has piles and piles of data about an upcoming event. The Census Bureau recently released data related to back to school events with plenty of links to datasets and tables to back up the commentary. Part of the importance of this data is that reporters can go to […]