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Just saw the best example of how local issues have an international component. Fairfax County (Virginia) sent out a tweet today encouraging everyone in the country to fill in and return the 2010 census forms along with a link to see the full message. One line in the attached notice tells the underlining reason all […]


The Beeb as a great series on its web site called Superpower: Exploring the extraordinary power of the Internet. Lots of interesting stories about how the Internet can and does affect society. For example, Jiyar Gol looked at how Iraqis are using the Internet to rebuild their country and heal ethnic and religious wounds. (And […]

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From a friend who has been there and done that… Colleagues: What a difference a character makes, and the AP is to blame (I just checked). My own daily newspaper, despite my tip-off yesterday, incorrectly spelled the name of the newly inaugurated Chilean president as Sebastian “Pinera.” It is “PiƱera.” So newspapers all over the […]

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This week Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels, got down and dirty in the editing process. He issued a memo of 119 words and phrases he no longer wanted used on the company’s radio station, WGN. It really is hard to argue with him over the use of most of these trite and useless phrases. I […]

The L.A. Times has a good review of the Chief Justice John Roberts Stepping Down flurry. And I can’t agree more with the subhead: The lesson behind the Chief Justice Roberts rumor An example from a law professor’s lecture becomes a case study on the perils of a wired world. Bottom line is that some […]