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(First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World.) This has nothing to do with who is smarter but rather who is more willing to learn about the other. Great little piece in Caixin called The Closing of Chinese Minds. What makes it even more interesting is that Caixin is a mainland China news organization. The publication […]

Great project by the US-China Institute at USC. The documentary — Assignment: China, “Opening Up” — is the story of the Western journalists who covered China in the early years of its opening to the West and the attempts by the Chinese government to control the message those journalists sent out. The 1-hour documentary (available online) is […]

Interesting set of problems the Internet creates. Thanks to search engines we have more information at our fingertips today than ever before. My sons are tired of hearing how I used to have to spend hours in libraries looking for data for my term papers in college. In China, that is not the case. The […]


So many complain about how much the US imports from other countries. Yet, when a change occurs for the US to export, the story gets lost or ignored. Well, that is not completely fair. The Americus, Ga., media covered the event. NPR covered it. VOA covered it. Even the Economist covered it. But the Atlanta […]

Cross posted with Journalism, Journalists and the World The censorship squad in Beijing has got to be going crazy right now. The European Community made the case earlier this year that censorship is a trade barrier. That means governments that engage in censorship of the Internet are in violation of trade agreements from simple bilateral […]