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First posted at, the website of the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. The Hong Kong University Journalism and Media Center sponsored a talk by Rutgers University media researcher, Nick Diakopoulos late last month. The topic: Innovation and Computing in Journalism. “As information comes at us faster and faster, we have more […]

I have argued with journalists and cajoled students into thinking globally with their local stories. Here is an example of how a Washington correspondent for a  New Jersey paper linked Pres. Obama’s current trip to Brazil with very local issues in New Jersey. First posted at my Journalism, Journalists and the World site. Congratulations to Herb […]

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To my former students: You thought I was tough. Thanks to the GAWKER you can see what a story looks like in the editing process when a Washington Post editor gets hold of it. Here’s a Washington Post Story With All the Editor’s Notes In It My edits only looked worse because I used green […]

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Anyone want to run a class on comparing data tables and why some comparison are not accurate? Does owning a passport reduce or prevent diabetes? The maps from Boing Boing seem to indicate it is so.