Becoming a MoJo is more than just grabbing the gear

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Nice piece in the Washington Post by Amy Gardner about entering the world of multimedia journalism. (My baptism into the brave new world of modern journalism)

She learned what broadcasters have known all along: You don’t have to film/tape everything. Or if you try, make sure you have either extra batteries or the ability to plug your recorder into an electrical outlet.

For a short while I did some freelance radio work for a Hong Kong station while in Washington. (I did even less work for a DC-based station as well.) One of the things I learned real fast is to find the hot box so I could get a clear recording of what was being said from the podium and — as noted earlier — to either bring lots of extra batteries or find the outlet right away.

And now with HD recording, the need to understand the difference between what a Flip HD and a Blackberry can generate is also important. (Not to mention HOW TO HOLD THE BLOODY THING!)

Gardner’s blog entry is a must read for any of the older ink-stained wretch generation who want to keep their jobs. (And then, make sure you get a little training in how to use the new equipment.)

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