Finding the WORLD in a LOCAL story

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Seems Macy’s is once again showing that companies can help people affected by disaster and make a profit.

And it provides an opportunity for LOCAL reporters to do a story with a GLOBAL hook.

The Globe and Mail of Toronto had a story yesterday about how Macy’s will be selling the work of Haitian artists. (Haitian artisans strike deal to sell work at Macy’s)

See rest of story at: Local-Global: Macy’s helps Haitian Artists

There is no reason student journalists should not be able to go out and do this story.

  • Look around campus for artists to talk to about the Macy’s project.
  • Check the records to see what campus groups have provided help to the people of Haiti.
  • See if those groups have done any innovative projects to help other areas affected by natural disasters or wars.

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