Cuban blogger profiled on NPR

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NPR Morning Edition did a decent story about Yoani Sanchez, author of Generation Y blog in Cuba. (Spreading Digital Revolution In A Cuban Living Room)

Sanchez has won numerous awards for her blogs that point out the anti-democratic nature of the Cuban government.

I have a link to the Sanchez blog on my personal site. She is a very good voice of reason in the Cuba debate.

She is not shrill (think stereo-typical Miami Cubans) in anti-Castro views. She just tells it as it is.

I strongly recommend her writings to anyone who wants to get past the old Cold War mindset in dealing with Cuban issues. (And that goes for the left as well as the right.)

Here is an example of her straight forward and informative style:

DHL or How to Help the Censor

A couple of years ago I went to the DHL office in Miramar to send some family videos to friends in Spain. The clerk looked at me as if I were trying to send a molecule of oxygen to another galaxy. Without even touching the Mini DV cassette, she told me that the Havana branch only accepted VHS. I thought it was a question of size, but the explanation she gave was even more surprising, “It’s just that our machines to view the content only read the large cassettes.” When I tried to insist, the woman suspected that instead of the smiling face of my son, I wanted to send “enemy propaganda” abroad.

Rest of blog.

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