6 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Student Journalist

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Thanks to Stuff Journalists Like for pointing out a blog by Nikki Villoria. (Follow her on Twitter at @NikkiVillori.)

6 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Student Journalist

Bullet points:

  • Know When to Approach. If there is a major event occurring that includes fires, natural disasters, sirens, fighting politicians, or riots, DO NOT approach us unless you have a relevant quote, good insight to the situation or a possible source.
  • Student Journalists Commit. We are building our career the minute we decide to major in journalism. If we see something we like, we dedicate ourselves to it 100 percent, which makes us great in relationships.
  • We are Loyal. We pride ourselves as being transparent and we know that the truth will eventually be found out, so we always tell the truth at the very start.
  • We are Great With People. We are out in crowds interviewing and mingling with everyone we meet.
  • We are Informed. The future of our career depends on us knowing the ins and outs of everything around us.
  • You Will be Quoted. Since you are a part of our lives and we spend so much time with you, chances are at one point or another you will say something that catches our attention more than normal, and we will quote you in an article or homework assignment.

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