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One of the great things about the taxes we pay is that they fund a lot of research. And it is all “free” to us. (After all we did pay taxes, so is it really free?) The U.S. Census Bureau has a lot of information to add facts and figures to any story. Summer time […]

I just posted on the DC SPJ website a rather long item from the US Census Bureau with all sorts great data about mothers and Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day coming! Need some background data for a story? Did you know: The average age of a woman giving birth for the first time was 25 in […]

Earlier I posted a report from the WWW2010 about a Korean report on how Twitter was more of a news service than just a social network. (Twitter: An news service limited to 140 characters) Well, we it is nice to know that the scientific process backs up what some people already knew. In Twitter: That […]

A recent study in Korea showed that Twitter was more than narcissistic recordings of one’s breakfast choices. It is a news service the provides timely information about global events. One of the researches, Haewoon Kwak, presented the paper at the WWW2010 conference in South Carolina last week. Joad Jackson at ITWorld reported on the paper: […]