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The U.S. government is taking big steps to provide unfettered Internet access to people living under the thumb of aggressive censors. And the technology has already been proven to help areas in the United States that are under-served by high-speed Internet connections. Just as the U.S. government finances Voice of America to bring uncensored news […]

I have argued with journalists and cajoled students into thinking globally with their local stories. Here is an example of how a Washington correspondent for a  New Jersey paper linked Pres. Obama’s current trip to Brazil with very local issues in New Jersey. First posted at my Journalism, Journalists and the World site. Congratulations to Herb […]

In today’s Folha de S. Paulo there is a story about how Brazil sold Libya the anti-riot trucks and tanks being used against the demonstrators. And that is a good example of reporting about an international event and showing the local connection. It informs the Brazilian people about what deals its government has concluded. Unfortunately, […]

Voice of America has a great blog entry about the trials and tribulations of international students in the United States trying to figure out that whole love and dating thing. Love and Dating for International Students It’s clearly too late for Valentine’s Day, but who says this kind of story can only be written at […]

The following item was first  posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World. One of the good things about the Wikileaks cables, I argue, is that it shows how the U.S. Foreign Service promotes and protects U.S. jobs — a very domestic issue. Unfortunately few in the U.S. — and within the journalism community — understand […]