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Reporters Without Borders issued a statement over the weekend about the situation in Thailand. (Media beset by both violence and state of emergency) The statement discussed the massive censorship taking place by the government — more than 2,500 websites shut down and newspapers intimidated — and violence against journalists on both sides. (Two journalists killed […]


I was cleaning up my computer files today and ran across this piece from 2007 from the Roanoke Times. We all know the importance of getting the quote right. But does that mean running a quote such as: “Well, like, we were heading down the street and like we were having like a good time, […]

Great piece in today’s New York Times about SNOPES. Debunkers of Fictions Sift the Net SNOPES is a great place to get hard-core info about all those rumors and urban legends. (I subscribe to their daily updates. It well worth the read.) Why is SNOPES so good and why is it needed? Considering all the […]