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First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World and the SPJ International Committee blog. I have to admit, from the time I heard CNN had fired Octavia Nasr for her Tweet on the death of Hezbollah spiritual leader Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah I was upset she wrote what she did and at the same time […]

First posted at Journalism, Journalists and the World. At first the July 16 New York Time story about Pakistani legislators claiming university degrees they never earned seemed like a fun story. One that would provide a small insight into Pakistan’s politics and earn a chuckle or two. (Pakistani Legislators Face Accusations of Faking Their Degrees) […]

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Just saw a graphic display of the BBC annual report. Very cool and very easy to read. Click on the image to see the full page report.

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CNN reports today that the drug enforcement agencies from the US and Ecuador have seized a fully operational ocean-going submarine designed for drug smugglers. (Ecuador authorities seize drug-smuggling sub) This is the first time a real submarine was captured. But in the past few years the issue of submersible vessels has been a big problem. […]