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Freelance journalist currently living in Brazil. Taught journalism at Mason 2006-2008. And am still interested in helping new journalists understand the importance of looking at how global and local events are linked.


Interesting set of problems the Internet creates. Thanks to search engines we have more information at our fingertips today than ever before. My sons are tired of hearing how I used to have to spend hours in libraries looking for data for my term papers in college. In China, that is not the case. The […]

I just posted an item you all might want to look about a piece recently done by PRI’s The World. I think the story showed intelligence and creativity in what was going on in an otherwise mundane election cycle in San Francisco. The impact of ethnic media — Too often overlooked I would encourage journalism […]

Interesting piece in the Greenslade Blog at The Guardian website: Internship exploitation – how publishers use and abuse work experience One of the wannabe hacks, Emily Handford (aka The Intern), has discovered the perils of taking on serial internships “without a sniff of a job.” She asks: “Have I just wasted my time, energy and […]

Face it, globalization is here to stay. There are so many links between the rest of the world and local businesses. And that goes for political rhetoric as well. To hear some circles tell it, the United States is a lousy place to set up and run a business. Well, the World Bank disagrees. And […]

In an earlier posting I wrote about a Gallup survey on attitudes toward inter-racial marriage, a Pew report on same-sex marriages and a historic link between the two. (Inter-racial and same-sex marriages. Issues with a history and a lesson.) The issue keeps coming up under the banner of “states’ rights.” Here is the latest installment: […]