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Reporters Without Borders issued a statement over the weekend about the situation in Thailand. (Media beset by both violence and state of emergency) The statement discussed the massive censorship taking place by the government — more than 2,500 websites shut down and newspapers intimidated — and violence against journalists on both sides. (Two journalists killed […]

Media affairs intern for the Iraqi embassy in Washington, DC. Click here for details.

A while back (April 7, to be exact) I wrote about a piece in Foreign Policy about WikiLeaks and the future of journalism. At that time I expressed the same concern as the FP author: Is WikiLeaks the future of journalism? I, and other journalists, are concerned that the use of WikiLeaks material is feeding […]


NPR Morning Edition did a decent story about Yoani Sanchez, author of Generation Y blog in Cuba. (Spreading Digital Revolution In A Cuban Living Room) Sanchez has won numerous awards for her blogs that point out the anti-democratic nature of the Cuban government. I have a link to the Sanchez blog on my personal site. […]


The Beeb as a great series on its web site called Superpower: Exploring the extraordinary power of the Internet. Lots of interesting stories about how the Internet can and does affect society. For example, Jiyar Gol looked at how Iraqis are using the Internet to rebuild their country and heal ethnic and religious wounds. (And […]